I guess I should apologize for a lack of content, but I don’t really feel like offering a pitiful little apology. Last night I asked someone (half-jokingly) if he blogged and he said, no, he didn’t, because he didn’t feel like he could continually provide New Content. I feel a little bit this way too, I think, because I haven’t been doing anything magnanimous or amazing (though I went to Istanbul, and that city WAS magnanimous and amazing, but I am still trying to compile all my journaled FEELINGS about it into something somewhat coherent and maybe profound¹), I’ve mostly just been living and schooling and building relationships with people, things around me².

On a daily basis, I have somewhat of an established routine, and by routine I mean wake up and make coffee (it was very wise to bring my MokaExpress with me) as soon as possible, then sip it and try to plot out my day. Classes are in the evenings, and since I am loathe to learn new tricks (e.g. stop procrastinating), I am usually scrambling to finish readings and writings up to that point. What else? Oh, I eat a lot. Lots of bread and cheese and delicious tomatoes and koshari and cookies. Nights are usually composed of studying and taking dance breaks and sometimes a beer or two at the local watering hole, Horreya, which is composed solely of old Egyptian dudes and international youngsters³. Of course I’m compiling things in my Things-to-Write-About-and/or-Analyse bank, but most of the time I don’t really have the inclination to do so… yet.

But you all should know that I’m alive, and Really Alive at that, and that Cairo is loathsome and wonderful and chaotic and everything, all at once. I think people who have been here know what I mean, but I don’t think you can know what I mean until you’ve been here. You dig?

With this half-hearted apology, I also present some Things on the Internet that I’ve found intriguing lately:

¹Ha. Haha.

²To Certain Persons: did you find that sentence CLOYING?? 😉

³A certain Mr. Gupta recently g-chatted, “you hang out at huriya? why am I not surprised?” OF COURSE I DO, boy!


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