Yell-o, Blog-o-sphere.

This is just a housekeeping piece to tell you some things I am doing.

1) I am presently en route to ISTANBUL, TURKEY, where I will be conducting research for my Masters thesis, though it seems highly probable that instead of doing research I’ll get fat due to the delicious foodstuffs that I intend to consume. If you’re in the region hollar atcha grrl.

2) I am tumbling over here and it feels more in tune with my ADHD sensibilities. Feel free to RSS it, or whateva.

3) I finally saw Precious and would like everyone to do the same.

4) I am reading Carson McCullers’ The Heart is a Lonely Hunter and enjoy it a great deal.

5) I was just in Amreeka (all-too-briefly!) and went out of my way to wear booty shorts At All Times.

Love & Kisses to y’all.


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