This seems as good a venue as any to post the email that the AUC Community just received regarding the custodial worker’s strike at present. I just want to remind AUC students, faculty, and any journos that tomorrow (Monday) there will be a campus-wide strike by both faculty and students.

To the AUC community:

Over the past several months, the university has been reviewing and assessing our management and staff salaries to ensure equity among the staff and alignment with the market.  As a part of this process, Compass workers were offered the opportunity to become full-time AUC employees.  This move was designed to ensure that all employees would share the same benefits and privileges.

In addition to addressing the issue of Compass workers, the university will be adjusting salaries for all management and staff to assure that they are competitive and there is equity within the system.  Due to the financial implications of these changes, this is an ongoing process and the university is making the changes in stages.  The first adjustment was made in September, a second adjustment is scheduled for March, and there is also one scheduled for September 2011.

In moving Compass workers to full time employment, which took place in September, the university assured them that – if they chose to move to AUC – their salaries would not be negatively impacted by this move. Unfortunately, due to a clerical error, the cost of optional benefits was deducted from their paychecks, which reduced their pay significantly.  The university apologized for this error and moved quickly to make the necessary correction.

The effected employees were justifiably upset with the error and walked off their jobs in protest last Wednesday.  They were subsequently joined by other support staff who were not negatively impacted by this change.  Since last Wednesday, the university has continued talks with the elected representatives of AUC staff to address the dispute.  Those talks continue today.

Because most of these staff are members of the housekeeping unit, the regular cleaning of the university has not taken place.  I ask for all of your patience as we work to resolve this issue.  I remind you that deliberate acts of littering or, worse, vandalism are unacceptable and will not be tolerated.

Also, keep in mind that AUC operates 24-hours a day, seven days a week and many of our staff work regular hours during nights and weekends.  We are encouraging everyone to be respectful of the university property and to continue to maintain business as usual.  We expect everyone to be present for their job as required; anyone who does not come to work risks losing their job.

AUC will continue to address salary inequities systematically and will be as generous as possible, given our financial constraints.  We value our staff, as we do our students, faculty, and administrators, and we want AUC to be an institution with which they, like the rest of us, are proud to be associated.  In the meantime, we encourage all involved to return to work as we continue to discuss these issues with the affected staff and their elected representatives.

Thank you,

Lisa Anderson


“clerical errors”? “financial constraints”? My ass. I yearn for the day that AUC exercises actual discretion with its spending, because my tuition sure as hell doesn’t seem to be going to any workers.


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One response to “AUC WORKERS’ STRIKE

  1. Thanks for all this info about the strike. Do you what the results have been? Were they able to improve benefits and wages?

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