I’ve been thinking a lot about space, spatial formations, the social constructions therein, etc. lately, thanks to William Walters, Deleuze & Guattari, and Certain Friends’ theses. This isn’t anything new or extraordinary, but the #March26 event yesterday and taking of Trafalgar Square, as well as my accompanying intifada envy, have given me pause to consider how space gives greater ease to revolts in certain settings (specifically capital city space, and public squares within this). I think one disadvantage to a country-wide uprising in the United States is the decentralized element, meaning that we’re going to have to pull 49 more Wisconsins to get anywhere near what these other uprisings are accomplishing. Or not accomplishing, as the case may be. Seeing firsthand how deep-seated State Security runs in Egypt has really diminished my confidence in Achieving Change.

MP3: Pulp – Common People (inspired by this)


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