There are literally- LITERALLY- no clever names left in the blog-o-sphere, but lucky for me Alli Bailey came up with this one. Harry Potter’s on the radar at present (Summer 2K9), and in spite of my foray into dusty ol’ academia, I’m happy to keep it pop-culturally relevant At All Times (yes, I am known to use the ’so-four-years-ago’ cliche in my everyday speech, and I am not inclined to stop any time soon).

As for me, I am an M.A Candidate pursuing a degree in Migration & Refugee Studies at the American University in Cairo. I am predominantly right-brained, I need glasses but don’t wear them, and my fashion sense tends to swerve from the Nouvelle Vague to the My Brother Joel in Sixth Grade. My primary concerns and interests in life are Anthropology, Fashion, Food and deconstructing Pop Culture, but somewhere along the line I felt a Divinely Assigned Duty to dismantle the Ivory Tower, the Patriarchy, any and all Industrial Complexes, and, of course, the Great-Grand-daddy of all ISA’s, Capitalism. Lofty airs aside, I’m a social media maniac and thus present to you a piece that I hope entertains and maybe, if any of us is lucky, educates, as well as  keeping you up-to-speed on the on-going Saga of a someone who is confused, most of the time.

I would now like to give an Internet shout-out to my Grandparents, Ralph & Polly, who are the most internet-literate Elders I know, and part of the reason I am writing this. I would also like to give a shout-out to my siblings: Joel, Micah, Stefanie, and Jonathan, whom I hope can one day help me to form one of those Power-Sibling families (like the Gopniks + the Ronsons, but less smarmy; the Coppolas, but less rich), and my parents Cliff & Marilyn, who always encourage me to think creatively and critically, even when they don’t really agree with me. If you are a parent you need to try and harness this Gift, it really does a number on your kid (in a good way, I think!).


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